How it works

How it works

We don´t charge the students any commission. No reservation fees, no viewing fees, or any other fee. We always establish a legal rent contract which is the same legal contract for all students. Booking your room with ZFS makes your first day in Zaragoza really easy and comfortable; you can save time, money and effort. The moment you arrive you will find your room equipped and prepared exactly as you saw it in the pictures, even your bed will be made (sheets, duvet cover and pillows). So from the first moment you can focus on enjoying your new experience.

Booking your room with ZFS is really easy. Just tell us the name of the room you want to book by email and we will give you our account number. Then you send a money transfer equal to one month´s rent and we block that room for you. The money that you send us will become the deposit for the contract. When the contract expires your deposit will be fully refunded if there is no damage to the property.

Length of Contract
We offer contracts for 10 months; September-June or 5 months; September- 1st of February / 1st of February-June.
For other situations contact us and we´ll try to help you.

Monthly rent payment
Rent payment must be made in advance of the next month between the 20th and the 30th/31st, plus a provision of 50 euros for the bills. For example rent payment for October must be made from the 20th to the 30th of September.

Bill payment is divided equally by all housemates and after a reasonable amount of consumption, bills should be around 40-50 euros per month. Every month each student pays 50 euros as a provision because in Spain bills are sent by some companies up to three months later. In the end students will only be charged for what they have consumed and copies of the bills will be provided in any case. Once all the bills have arrived we will resolve any differences with your payments.

If you have any doubts send us an email and ask whatever you need to know, we will answer you immediately.
If you want you can call us (0034 607240006) or we can try a video call on Skype, our user name is “zaragozaflatshare”. We can speak in English or Spanish.